Miss Angela
 is a full time lead teacher in the Farm room. She recently has joined Benim Academy and managed to quickly establish a warm and loving rapport with each child.  Angela has received her BA in early childhood and is now in the process of enrolling into a Master’s program in Early Childhood.

Miss Bouchra (Miss. B) is a teacher’s assistant in the Farm room and works five mornings a week. Bouchra is a mother to two beautiful children (Adam, 6 years old and Sara, 4 years old). Miss Bouchra speaks three languages and volunteers on weekends teaching Arabic to children. Education, family and being outdoors are paramount to Bouchra and she brings her joy of music, dancing and learning to kids each and every day.  

Miss Katie is a certified dance teacher and has recently joined Benim Academy as a teacher’s assistant/Music and Movement teacher.  She received her Bachelors in Marketing from Fordham University and has worked as a dance instructor for over 10 years in Rockland and Westchester counties. She lives in Congers with her husband Chris, her 5 year old son Shane and her 3 year old daughter Mia. 

Miss Kim has recently joined Benim Academy as a teacher’s assistant and works five afternoons a week. She and her husband Lennon have a 3 year old daughter Jennifer and 4 year old fur baby Bobo. Ms. KIm has extensive experience working as an assistant teacher and has a passion for working with young children.  Kim always has a smile on her face and loves teaching and playing with kids.

Fish Room

Miss Susan is a full time lead teacher in the Farm room.  She has been instrumental to the success of BSA and has quickly became the face of Benim Academy.  Despite her extensive graduate degrees and decades of teaching experience, students simply love Miss Susan for the compassionate, warm and caring person that she is.  Susan’s expertise, creativity and strong work ethic truly make her one of a kind.

Miss Andrea is a full time teacher’s assistant in the Fish room and has been a great addition to the BSA team. Andrea is a mom to a five year old son, Brydan, and they live in Tuxedo Park, New York. Andrea’s family ran a daycare center and she has worked there for the last five year. That experience led her to pursue a career working with children and helping them develop as lifelong learners.  Andrea’s passion for teaching and promoting individual development is a true asset for all students. 

Miss Skarlyn is a full-time teacher’s assistant.  She works in the afternoon and oversees the aftercare program.  Skarlyn has years of experience of working with children in a school district and is always eager to help a child reach their potential or be a source of comfort when they need.